Learn about the missing pieces of
confidence and how your child can unlock
responsibility, resilience,
self-acceptance (and more!)

APRIL 24, 2021


Recording will be emailed for those that can't attend live.


Here are 3 ways this workshop will give you renewed HOPE for your child...

Life Changer #1

Learn about how regulation grows confidence and unlock the abilities your child has to start developing these skills now


Life Changer #2

We'll empower you to help your child identify their confidence gaps and outline exactly what abilities they need to strengthen

Life Changer #3

Learn how your child's abilities to manage their emotions, thoughts and actions transforms how they meet any challenge 

Change the trajectory of your child's life

I'm ready to learn!

"I'll never be able to thank you enough for what you were able to do for me. I would have been on a very different path. I didn't have confidence in myself and with that lack of confidence came the lack of ability to control my emotions, handle my workload at school, have patience with myself, love myself and others, and how to talk about my feelings. I use these methods everyday."

Chantelle, former student

"After the passing of my son, my daughter was having a hard time remembering information in school. She was taught a simple lesson about how her brain worked which relieved the anxiety and pressure. For myself and my daughter we learned to work through the emotions, to let ourselves feel the pain, to be more patient with ourselves, to understand why we felt so angry and that it is also ok to feel joy again.

I understand how my mine and my childrens' minds and emotions work and I am watching them become more confident and aware.

Never in my life have I ever felt more at peace or connected within myself and with my children. I know my son is proud of how far his family has come."

Tara, Mom of 3

I'm ready to learn!

We are Dani + Delaina, two teachers, committed to helping every child we can with everything we can.

Our science and play based programs provide children with the tools they need to grow up confident and connected.

We tackle huge concepts - self-worth, resilience, boundaries, motivation...teaching kids not only what these are, but HOW to grow them.

And we dedicate a portion of our profits and provide one for one programs for children in need. 

I'm ready to learn!

Disclaimer: This event is entirely free and will give you actionable steps to help your child develop the skills of regulation and empower both your child and yourself to manage challenges with confidence and connection. Results are based on identifying and strengthening abilities with practice. At the end of the event, a program will be offered for purchase.