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Inside your child is every ability they need...

...teaching kids about their abilities unlocks their potential

Confident & Connected Kids was founded by two teachers with the desire to empower kids with the skills necessary to face any challenge and grow up free to be, know and love their selves.

Our science, research and love based programs provide children with the tools they need to grow up confident and connected. We tackle huge concepts (like resilience, self-worth, boundaries and motivation) and teach kids not only what these are, but HOW to grow them.

With knowledge that is simple, but not simplified, tools to burst open communication and fun activities to connect and build skills, we strive to unlock anything barring children from becoming and loving who they are.

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Join us online to learn about the missing pieces in confidence and how you can unlock responsibility, resilience and self-acceptance
in your child.

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Managing Me!

Kids learn how to manage their emotions, thoughts and actions to face any challenge and grow up knowing and loving themselves.

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HOPE for Kids
Online Workshop

How Our Potential Expands

Kids don't know how to regulate, but they are great at learning and easy to teach! Join us and fill that gap for your child.

learn how your child can grow to
face any challenge
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Confident + Connected Kids is a socially responsible company. A portion of profits go toward helping as many other children as possible, often those who need it most

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